Getting The Most From Business Card Marketing

April 17, 2020

Getting The Most From Business Card Marketing

Using your business card as a promotional tool helps to kill two birds with one stone. A professionally designed custom business card can not only act as a reference source for your contact info, but also as a powerful marketing piece that conveys your message to its holder.

Consider having a double sided business card that not only tells people how to reach you, but WHY they should reach you. You can do this simply by including your customer benefit statement and possibly a testimonial from a happy client on your attractive, high quality custom business card. A customer benefit statement simply is a statement that declares how your product or service can benefit the customer in an important way. Marketing experts agree that listing benefits rather than features of your product or service is a more effective way to increase sales.

If you’re going to pay to have something designed and printed you want to make sure that it’s going to include the features that you need to foster sales. Utilizing a professional graphic designer that is well aware of tried and true marketing techniques can give your business card that little extra muscle you might need to close the deal or attract a new customer. The designers at Promotion Lotion will design a card that’s right for you and your industry. Our attention to both aesthetic appeal and marketing effectiveness will ensure that your final product is not only attractive, but also effective!


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