When and How to Update the Look of Your Business

April 25, 2020 promololimited@gmail.com

When and How to Update the Look of Your Business

Refreshing your brand image can be a positive step towards attracting new clientele, but it also can be a daunting task. As the times change sometimes the style of your identity, marketing and advertising materials might seem to be dated or perhaps your business has simply just expanded and outgrown your existing identity. Take a look around at your newest competition and take some cues from their designs. How does your look hold up? If you have some serious doubts then it is time for a change.

Whether it is time to update that logo that your nephew created or take on a complete brand makeover, you have to make sure that whatever you intend to do is thoroughly thought out.

The first thing that you will want to do is consider how and where this update will be applied throughout your marketing, advertising and print collateral materials. It is important to be consistent throughout all your materials or you run the risk of appearing uncoordinated in your message and efforts.

Secondly, you will want to identify the elements of your existing identity that you feel are important to maintain. This could be a color scheme, shape, font combination or something more abstract like the feeling that the imagery conveys.

Once you know where your changes will be made and how you want to make them it is time to get started testing out your new ideas. It is always important that you have a few options to consider. These don’t have to be polished final versions of a new logo, color scheme or identity attribute. Some broad strokes can go a long way in helping to determine what new style might work best.

Once you have decided on the idea or style that works best it is time for some final tweaks. Choose the final colors, fonts and shapes that will be part of your new identity and adhere to these as much as possible. Make note of the specific fonts and color codes that you choose so they can be applied to all of your materials and supplied to vendors and printers who might need this valuable information when producing your promotional materials.

Finally, apply your changes throughout all of your materials making sure to be aware of consistency. Keep and archive all of your old files just in case you need them for an unforeseen reason. Also, make sure to set a reminder to change things that can’t be immediately updated. For example, if you have a Yellow Pages print ad, make sure to update it with the publisher before the next print date.

Refreshing your look shows that you are making an important investment in your appearance and that you are striving to remain viable and competitive. This is will help to convey a sense of professionalism and competence to your existing customers and potential clientele.

For help with your identity design project, no matter how big or small, please contact Promotion Lotion. We’ll be glad to help you consider the various options that would be best for you.


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