Why Brochures Are Effective

April 13, 2020 promololimited@gmail.com

Why Brochures Are Effective

Increase Sales With Custom Designed Brochures

Human perception is a fascinating phenomenon and fortunately for small business owners marketing experts have tapped into this phenomenon for our benefit. This article will illustrate the chain of logic that a prospective customer follows when reacting to your advertising efforts and why brochures are one of the most effective methods of promotion.

Several things happen when a prospective client views a piece of your advertising literature. On the surface there is a conscious and literal analysis of what is before them. Simply put, the prospect examines the details of your offer/statement. They examine the benefits of your product or service. On another, more sub-conscious level they examine the less apparent details of the presentation. These details include color, phrasing, layout, and the actual method of promotion. (i.e. flyer, brochure, postcard, newspaper ad, etc.,)
If the offer is appealing enough to spark interest the reader than uses the secondary, sub-conscious data they have collected to help form a decision. If this data helps to form a positive image about the business making the offer the next likely step is to make the purchase or investment.

What is a positive image and how can it be demonstrated? The basic elements of a positive image include the perception of competence, trustworthiness, and the command of authority. In other words, prospects want to know that you are an expert in your field and that you have the confidence to express it. These elements can be effectively demonstrated in a well written piece of copy that is integrated into your advertising medium.

A brochure is terrifically suited as an instrument to help convey this image for a host of reasons. First of all, a brochure, to the average reader, helps to instill a sense of confidence and professionalism just by virtue of the fact that you spent the time, effort and money to have it produced. This may seem a bit simplistic, but it holds true because it is a perception and perception does not necessarily mirror reality! Secondly, a brochure allows you to provide a great deal of information which you can’t always do with a magnet, postcard, or even a flyer. This ability to provide well written information and copy is your opportunity to instill the perception of a command of authority and confidence in your business that the customer seeks. Remember, if your offer is good, the prospective customer wants to believe that you are competent and trustworthy and brochures give you the best chance to prove it. Finally and most obviously, a brochure can be really sharp and impressive if put together by a skilled designer.

When contemplating a new addition to your advertising arsenal seriously consider having brochures made up. A well thought out brochure can be a self contained marketing campaign that provides the bait, hook and the muscle to reel in a new customer.

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